Prior to using iFactor our company was relying on credit cards and lines of credit until your invoices were paid. Sometimes these invoices were taking up to 45 or more days to get paid, making it difficult to pay our workers and our suppliers on time. The highly distressing, anticipated trips to the mail box with the miserable anxious journeys back to the office were an everyday experience.

The major benefits of working with iFactor are the ability to function with a positive cash flow instead of the above scenario. We now have the ability to function with comfort. I promote and would recommend iFactor to any small or large company that prefers a positive cash flow rather than relying on other lines of credit to pay bills until the cheques come in.

Sherry R, Edmonton

iFactor has been a tremendous help to us in the last several months. When normally we would be waiting for payment, we can now get funded easily and take on new jobs that otherwise we may not have. Mark and his group have been easy to work with, and I would recommend them to any of my colleagues that need to free up their cash in this way.

Fred B, Red Deer

We have been a client of iFactor since October of 2010 and have built up a mutually beneficial relationship. Mark from iFactor has always been very helpful and understands the urgency of the chaotic business we are in and has gone above and beyond what we could have expected to aid us in expanding our businesses. If it was not for Mark I feel that my companies would have not had the chance to expand and obtain extensive jobs that were out of our reach before due to financing. Thanks to Mark we have gone from a small company that did local work to an international installation company that works across Canada and expanded into the USA.

Clayton C, Calgary

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